Special Points of Interests

In the beginning ….

1. BioREX Mannheim distributes products formerly marketed by Boehringer Mannheim GmbH. The products range from the Fully Auto Chemistry Analyzers, to clinical chemistry reagents, consumables and analyzer parts.

2. Our service engineers are all trained by the analyzer manufacturers’ engineers. For Tokyo Boeki Japan Analyzers, we have annual training conducted by the Tokyo Boeki’s Chief Engineer.

3. With an accumulated experience of over 100 years in the field of Clinical Laboratory Testing, BioREX Mannheim Malaysia Sdn Bhd is in the position to cater to most of our customers’ clinical laboratory needs.

4. We have one of the best ultrasonics cleaning solutions in the world. The Australian number 1-selling ultrasonics cleaner is marketed solely in Malaysia by BioREX Mannheim Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

5. The ISE analyzer with long lasting electrodes! The Smartlyte ISE has the potential to save laboratories huge sum of ISE expenses, by stretching the lifespan of all the electrodes!

6. We have quality products, with proven accuracy and precision (Independent External Quality Programmes), to suit all your budgeting constraints!