Randox UK_EQA, IQC, and Novel Test Reagents

Randox Acusera offers true third party controls with complete test menu consolidation through the Acusera range of controls. All Acusera controls are designed to react to the test system in the same manner as your patient samples. This reduces inconvenient and costly shifts in QC results when reagent batch is changed. Manufactured independently, the Acusera range delivers unbiased performance assessment with many presently used analysers and methodologies. This helps in meeting the ISO15189:2012 requirements whilst simultaneously eliminating the need for multiple instrument dedicated controls.

Managing all these inter-laboratory QC Data is challenging. This is where the Acusera 24•7 excels. An online QC software with real-time peer group statistics, the Acusera 24•7 allows you to update live peer data, compare QC data to other laboratories using the same lot of QC, and identify widespread issues or issues unique to your lab. The Acusera 24•7 gives various comprehensive reports and statistics. On top of Sigma scores, Bias %, Total Error, the Acusera 24•7 also provides the exclusive Uncertainty of Measurement (UM). The UM is automatically calculated for each essay and QC lot, helping you to meet the ISO15189:2012 requirements.

When you want an international quality assessment scheme, look no further. The RIQAS (Randox International Quality Assessment Scheme) has the largest global EQA (External Quality Assurance) scheme with over 45,000 lab participants in 133 countries. The 32 programmes offered by RIQAS are:

Ammonia/Ethanol Haematology Serology Syphilis
Anti TSH Receptor Human Urine Serology ToRCH
Blood Gas Immunoassay Specific Proteins
BNP Immunoassay Specialty 1 Sweat testing
Cardiac Immunoassay Specialty 2 Therapeutic Drugs
CSF Immunosuppressant Drugs Trace Elements in Blood
Clinical Chemistry Lipid Trace Elements in Serum
Coagulation Liquid Cardiac Trace Elements in Urine
CYFRA 21-1 Maternal Screening Urinalysis
ESR Serology EBV Urine Toxicology
HbA1c Serology HIV

The RIQAS is a UKAS accredited Proficient Testing Provider (Cert No. 0010) and is accredited to the ISO/IEC17043:2010. Accreditation to ISO/IEC17043:2010 highlights the superior quality and excellence of RIQAS. The RIQAS is recognised by both the Joint Working Group on Quality Assurance (JWGQA) and the National Quality Assurance Advisory Panels (NQAAP).

Randox also offers the highest quality range of Routine and Novel Reagents for various chemistry analysers in the market. From APTT Coagulation to Zinc, Randox offers an extensive test menu for your existing Chemistry System. Of particular interest are the cardiac related tests, which have been certified and approved by the MDA:

  • Glycerol
  • H-FABP (Heart Type Fatty Acid Binding Protein)
  • s-LDL Cholesterol
  • H-CRP
  • CKMB

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