The BiOLis 15i Neo is one of the World’s most compact bench top fully auto random access chemistry analyzer system. It is capable of conducting 130 tests per hour, with an inbuilt ISE (ion selective electrolytes) system.

The system principally features:

  • A 7.5 minute reaction time. Test results are printed out rapidly.
  • A continuous cuvette washing system allows tests to be continuosly run.
  • Operation by a touch screen instead of by a personal computer, greatly reduces the analyzer footprint taken up.
  • Liquid reagent is used for significant cost reduction (vs dry chemistry systems).
  • Easy management of reagents and specimens through a barcode system.

Primary medical providers can have in-house blood testings done. Thus enabling speedy and enhanced patient services.

The BiOLis 15i Neo is ideal for POINT OF CARE TESTING (POCT), in private clinics, district hospitals, dialysis/renal departments, emergency departments or even the flying doctor services.

The mini BiOLis 15i Neo is small in size but big in functions and performance similar to that of a full fledged automatic analyzer system.