Fully Automated Chemistry Analyzer

Tokyo Boeki Japan Ltd is the world’s leading manufacturer in small to medium sized benchtop fully automated chemistry analyzers. BioREX Mannheim represents Tokyo Boeki Japan exclusively in Malaysia in the sales and marketing of its full range of analyzers.

Biolis 50i Superior

The instrument is the latest model based on our current analyzer, “BiOLis 24i/TRX7010.” (Ever since its launch in 2002, “BiOLiS 24i Premium” has been used at more than 3,000 medical facilities in more than 60 countries in the world, enjoying the number-one share in the compact-sized equipment market.

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Biolis 24i Premium

The Biolis 24i Premium is a compact tabletop automatic analyzer system for clinical examinations, capable of processing 240 tests per hour. The model is used in over 3,000 medical establishments in the world (340 systems in Japan and 2,700 systems in more than 60 countries of the world) for biochemical, immunoassay examinations and other purposes.

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BiOLis 15i Neo

The BiOLis 15i Neo is one of the World’s most compact bench top fully auto random access chemistry analyzer system. It is capable of conducting 130 tests per hour, with an inbuilt ISE (ion selective electrolytes) system.

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