Fully Automated Chemistry Analyzer (100% designed and made in Japan)

Tokyo Boeki Japan Ltd is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of small to medium sized benchtop fully automated chemistry analyzers. BioREX Mannheim represents Tokyo Boeki Japan exclusively in Malaysia in the sales and marketing of its full range of analyzers.


Biolis 50i

A compact floor standing chemistry analyser that is able to punch above its weight. The Biolis50i has 2 dedicated reagent arms, a dedicated ISE arm and a dedicated sample probe for speed and on-board reagent stability. Hence the impressive total throughput of 580 tests/hr. The minimum reaction volume of 120ul equals substantial savings for its users.

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Biolis 24i

The Biolis 24i is a compact benchtop fully automatic analyser system for clinical chemistry tests. For its size, it is able to churn out a throughput of 400 tests/hr. This model is used in over 3500 medical establishments in the world for biochemical, immunoassay and coagulation tests.

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Biolis 30i

Building on the success of the Biolis24i, the Biolis30i is the latest compact benchtop fully automatic analyser system from Tokyo Boeki, Japan. Designed and 100% built in Japan, the Biolis30i whizzes at 450 tests/hr with 2 dedicated reagent arms. Continuing with the innovative air-pressure mixing for reaction cuvettes, the Biolis30i eliminates any reaction carry over. With the capability to pipette whole blood samples, novel tests like HbA1c, RF, RPR, TPLA can be performed with ease and automatically.

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