Electrolyte Analyser : Smartlyte Plus

The World’s Most Advanced Electrolyte Analyser

The Smartlyte Plus ISE Benchtop Analyser, with the capacity to run 4 electrolytes simultaneously, has the following user friendly features:

1. The only ISE analyser to run 4 electrolytes simultaneously. Users can choose between Na, K, Cl, Li or Ca.

2. Smartlyte Plus is smart. It automatically detects serum, whole blood, dialysate or urine, thus freeing users from changing calibration factors manually.

3. Auto Calibration and Auto Checking of electrodes ensure accurate and precise readings at all times. The 3 Calibrators and all testing materials are packed, and stored in a safe, convenient, easy to use Fluid Pack.

4. Veterinary factors and ranges for different animals preprogramed.

5. Colour Touch Screen Display with USB Keyboard and USB Barcode Scanner. WIFI, Bluetooth, LAN enabled plus 4 USB ports