The World’s Most Reliable Electrolyte Analyzer

The Smartlyte ISE Benchtop Analyzer (testing Na, K, Cl, Li, Ca) has the following User Friendly features :

1. The only ISE Analyzer with long lasting electrodes! Electrodes are almost 40% the cost of the ISE Analyzer. Changing the electrodes trice would cost you the same as purchasing a new analyzer.

2. Smartlyte is smart enough to automatically detect serum, whole, blood or urine samples. Users do not need to change calibration factors when using various types of samples.

3. Auto Calibrations and Auto Checking of electrodes ensure accurate and precise readings every time. All 3 Calibrations Solutions and testing materials are packaged into a safe, convenient and easy to use Fluid Pack.

4. Veterinary Factors for different animals preprogrammed.

5. US FDA and CE approved.